• Design Ranch Moto Adventure: Day 2

    Design Ranch Moto Adventure: Day 2 I pass along a quick “good morning” to Brandon, compliment his home & hospitality, then we both depart on our separate ways a little before 8:00AM. The rain starts falling shortly after I hit the interstate and gets steadily worse for the next 6 hours. Guys, like bad. Cars pulled over, flashers on, zero visibility bad. And my stubborn self is puttering along as quickly as safely possible until I can justify a fuel stop. Not long after crossing the Mississippi border into Louisiana, I make that stop and was glad to do so. A gentleman at […]

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  • Design Ranch Moto Adventure: Day 1

    Design Ranch Moto Adventure: Day 1 It Begins I wake up at 5:45AM with intentions of hitting the road at 6:30. Amanda and the boys are headed back to Richmond and I want to make sure they are all packed up and good to go. This is the hardest part, having to leave my precious family with 1600 miles between me and my destination. I’m not in a huge rush to leave. I want plenty of hugs and kisses before departing. I don’t dare say it out loud, but something could happen out on the road. This could be the last […]

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  • Design Ranch Moto Adventure: Pre-Trip

    Design Ranch Moto Adventure: Pre-Trip Introduction In 2013, I rode my motorcycle from South Hill, VA to Hunt, TX to attend my third Design Ranch, held by AIGA Austin. There were ups. There were downs. Lessons were learned. Friendships were made. I had the best intentions of chronicling that trip, but never delivered. Well, a few weeks ago I did it all over again. I was originally going to recap the entire trip in a single post. However, I quickly realized that it would be way too much for somebody to read in one shot, so I’ve decided to break the posts […]

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  • New Year. New Work. New Website!

    New Year. New Work. New Website! Hello World! It’s been a very long time coming, but I’m so thrilled to launch our new website today. Based on our previous site, one may have thought we went out of business 3 years ago. Thankfully, quite the opposite is true. We’ve been working very hard with a lot of great collaborators and clients and, sadly, we had neglected our own website for far too long. In addition to a complete absence of new work and fresh content, our old site wasn’t mobile-friendly in the least. It certainly wasn’t responsive, which is something we […]

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