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Design Ranch Moto Adventure: Day 1

It Begins

I wake up at 5:45AM with intentions of hitting the road at 6:30. Amanda and the boys are headed back to Richmond and I want to make sure they are all packed up and good to go.

This is the hardest part, having to leave my precious family with 1600 miles between me and my destination. I’m not in a huge rush to leave. I want plenty of hugs and kisses before departing. I don’t dare say it out loud, but something could happen out on the road. This could be the last time I see them. I hadn’t really considered the weight of that until now and it made setting out difficult.

They’re headed North to RVA, I’m headed South to an AirBNB reservation in Montgomery, AL. For the next 4 days the distance between us will only increase. Can’t think about that. It’s going to be a long day. Just crank the music and put the bike in the wind. We all end up leaving around 7:30AM, I’m already an hour behind schedule.

Setting off from South Hill, VA - Also, Amanda's shadow!

Setting off from South Hill, VA



The rest of the day is seemingly uneventful. I make all of my scheduled fuel stops (about every 115 miles, or hour & forty minutes) fairly drama-free. I’m starting to catch a little rain, but nothing major. I just wish it wasn’t happening in Atlanta. It’s such a pain to drive through on a good day. I need to be on my toes.

I make it through Atlanta unscathed and keep booking. I notice fewer and fewer signs for 85S/Montgomery, but it’s too late. At my next fuel stop, I see that I’ve been on I-75 south for well over an hour and now I’m 100+ miles off course. Terrific.


So, instead of being an hour away from my destination, and done riding for the day, I’ve got 3 more hours to go. After a few choice words and a text to Amanda venting my frustrations, I re-route and press on to Montgomery.

I finally reach my destination at 7:45PM local time, over 13 hours after leaving Virginia. My AirBNB host, Brandon, is one of the coolest, most accommodating, laid back guys I’ve ever met. This is why I’m doing AirBNB and Couchsurfing, to meet people and make friends along the way.

And Brandon has a pretty sweet setup. I have the entire second floor to myself. Private bedroom, private bathroom, the whole 9.

We chat about everything from married life to wrestling to tattoos to work and everything in between. Brandon is super easy to talk to and I would have exchanged stories all night, but we need to turn in for the night. We both have to get an early start in the morning.