We’re dedicated to the journey of design discovery.
We strive to create great work while having fun and learning along the way.



Aaron Gibson

Having always preferred doodling to taking notes, Aaron discovered his passion for design at JMU and never looked back. Now, as a proud member of the thriving Richmond creative community, he works hard to help clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500’s find meaningful and compelling ways to visually communicate their messages.

While the need remains to occasionally take notes, he still loves to doodle in between motorcycling across the states, cooking Brunswick Stews, and honing his design chops.

Amanda Gibson

Keeping a design shop running smoothly is no small task. While also adding a fresh perspective to our work, Amanda handles much of the behind the scenes nitty-gritty. Whether it’s getting her own 903 creations featured on popular blogs, or asking the unexpected questions, she consistently finds new ways to push us forward.

She takes every opportunity to travel the world while also working on a Ph.D. in history at William & Mary. Amanda also holds degrees from JMU and UDEL. 

Jenn Buch

Not one for sitting still, Jenn recently relocated to Richmond from Austin, Texas where her love of design was fostered second only to her love of tacos. A graduate of WVU, Jenn has always had a passion for learning and creating. She aims to reach smart, effective, and engaging visual solutions with thorough design thinking and the creative process.

Full of lighthearted sass and a love of laughter, you can usually find her frolicking outdoors, painting murals or searching for new ways to perfect her craft.

David McIntosh

With over 15 years of experience as a designer and production manager, David knows collaboration between creative and production teams yields powerful results and helps to build brands that last. A VCU alumni and former President of AIGA Richmond, he’s a staunch supporter of the design community, both local and abroad.

When he’s not wrangling creatives, David enjoys critiquing typography, running moderate distances for worthy causes, and overindulging in Tex-Mex and margaritas.

Blake Cale

After earning a degree in graphic design and coffee consumption from SCAD, Blake moved back to Richmond in order to pursue his passion for visual communication. Having come from a fine arts background, he enjoys any excuse to put pencil to paper to find the solution. 

Blake uses his free time to balance an active lifestyle while also indulging in Richmond’s vast restaurant scene. If he’s not running or eating ice cream, he’s more than likely adding to his tattoo collection, drawing tigers or visiting Iceland.


So, what’s the “903” thing about?

The name 903 Creative refers to Route 903 in Mecklenburg County. For over five years we commuted an hour and a half (one way) from South Hill to Richmond. Over time we found ways to reinvent our trip and make the most of our 3 hours on the road. We quickly realized that if we were to keep this routine, we would have to make the journey just as meaningful as our destination. Route 903 was the first leg of our travel every morning.
Now, 903 Creative applies the same philosophy to solving creative problems. With each identity, web, photography, illustration, or print design solution, there are lessons to be learned along the way. We believe in growth through exploration. Whether it’s travel, designing, or anything in between, our belief remains the same: The journey is just as important as the destination.



We’re very honored to have had our work recognized by:

AIGA Richmond
Communication Arts
Inform Architecture + Design
Los Logos
Printing Industries of Virginia
Richmond GRID
Smashing Logos