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Here at 903, we could not be more excited to usher in 2016. We’ve got some big plans for the New Year, including a special announcement later this week. But first, I wanted to take a quick look back at some highlights from 2015.

Better late than never, right?



CommArts & Print


Around the turn of the year, we had our snazzy RVA Holiday Mug design featured in Communication Art’s Typography Annual 5 and Print Magazine’s 2014 Regional Design Annual. We had fun designing this little bugger and it was well-received around town, so it was nice to have a handful of judges agree with us. To pick up one for yourself, visit our good friends at RVANews, or click here.



VSU Talk


I had the immense pleasure & honor of visiting my good friend Meena’s VSU class for a quick chat about all things design. We discussed ways to become a better designer, a better prospect for employers and a better employee after landing their first gig. All with some life stories sprinkled in for good measure. Maybe we’ll finally get around to posting a recap of it all sometime soon.



Design Ranch


Just like my trip in 2013, I attended AIGA Austin’s (then) biennial Design Ranch at Camp Waldemar in Hunt, TX. That little slice of Texas is one of our favorite corners of the planet and the event itself is amazing. Top it off with stellar Austin design peeps and industry rock stars leading cozy workshops, it’s a tremendous time. I recapped each day of our 9-day round trip of what we dubbed The 2015 Great American Design Ranch Motorcycle Adventure. Re-live the journey starting here.



A to Z


While at Design Ranch, we missed attending AIGA Richmond’s biennial (sensing a pattern here) GRADE Awards Show. The top winner awards are nifty little acrylic A’s, and we managed to snag one for our Zero Waste Solutions logo design. This was another fun project, done for a great group, so it was fun to get a little recognition for our work.



DDC Shoutout


With all of the incredible talent in attendance, I’ve had lots of fan boy moments over the course of 4 Design Ranch events (two-stepping with Jessica Hische in 2011 and Anna Bond in 2013 top the list). But this year, I met the man himself, Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Company. Being a design sentimentalist as well, I took him some old treasures I’ve found over the years. He was incredibly gracious and generous in his response, but I was especially blown away to see him giving us a little love on Instagram. Surreal.





Amanda and I, along with our two boys and her mother, had the incredible opportunity to fly around the world and spend 2 weeks in Bali. We had an amazing time eating great food, meeting the kindest people, touring a fraction of the island, and trying to immerse ourselves in the culture. Travel is a big priority for our family. Just like our professional work with 903, we believe in personal growth through exploration. That means hopping around this amazing planet and meeting some of the beautiful people sharing this big rock with us.



Goldie Jean Gibson


Another one for the “personal” column, our third little bundle of joy joined us the day before Halloween. For a small family business, having a newborn (a third child at that) definitely required moments of patience from our clients. We are so grateful to everybody that not only shared in our joy, but forgave our baby-brained craziness.



Worth Judging


Along with Kamal Patel, Matt Thomas and Mike Ryan I helped judge the first-ever Worth Higgins & Associates Wrapping Paper Design Contest. The annual giveaway promotion from Worth Higgins & Associates are always something we look forward to seeing & receiving, so judging the inaugural design contest was a blast. Anytime time spent with such talented peers is sure to be a good day at the office.



LogoLounge 9


Specializing in logo design for clients in Richmond, VA and all over the world, we find LogoLounge to be a great resource during our creative process. We are always thrilled to find out when our work has been selected for publication, so to have 9 of our logos featured in LogoLounge 9 was a huge honor. Pick up your copy here.


In 2015, we formed over a dozen new client relationships and crafted several new brands, including a PGA tour, a startup brewery, an orthodontics office and a major Richmond event venue. As a company, we grew more than ever and look forward to hopefully an even bigger 2016.

Check back later this week for some news that we can’t wait to share with everybody!